Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to common questions I get. If you have a question that's not answered below or need more clarification on anything, please get in touch with me so I can address any concerns you may have.

These questions are grouped into the top three values I follow to distinguish my essay writing service as being a credible one predicated on honesty, fairness, and transparency.


1. How do I find a reputable essay writer?

Even if you and I don't end up working together, I compiled this list in order for you to spot the warning flags that you're working with an essay writer who's unprofessional and questionable in their workmanship. Unfortunately we live in a world where we can't trust everyone, so use the pointers below to protect yourself:



You should probably be cautious of someone who says they're an essay writer if:

THE BOTTOM LINE: Make sure you feel comfortable working with your essay writer! If you don't feel good or if your intuition tells you otherwise, listen to it! You're paying someone to take the stress off of writing a paper, so there's no sense for you to have even more stress over the person you hire to do the work for you. There are two adages that always hold true in the custom essay industry: "you get what you pay for", and "if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is".

2. Isn't purchasing an essay considered cheating?

I do not encourage or endorse plagiarism whatsoever. Plagiarism is a very serious academic offence, which ranges in penalties such as failing a course, being suspended, and can even lead to expulsion.

You and only you know the intent of why you are contacting me to write an essay for you. I do not advertise or condone using the same essay I produce for you to be submitted for your course. If you choose to do so that is strictly your decision, your risk, and I can't stop you.

There are varied opinions on whether purchasing an essay constitutes as plagiarism or a form of cheating. In terms of the essays I write myself, however, they are original and absolutely never plagiarized. Any secondary sources are cited in the bibliography section, so you can be sure the essay you receive was not plagiarized itself.

I write custom essays believing it will be treated as a work of inspiration or a realistic example of a piece of work that would be adequately expected of a student in your course. I can't stop you from deciding on what you would like to do with your essay once you receive it, as it is technically considered your property then.

If you still consider 'purchasing essays' to be morally dubious, consider putting your frustration towards challenging the archaic pedagogical approach that most colleges and universities have created and still follow.

Lastly, many students get custom papers because they come to realize their school is cheating them out of a proper education. Funding cuts and tuition hikes seem to be annual rituals that only serve the economic interest of increasing an academic institution's bottom line, not their students' learning experience.

3. I have an essay due tonight at midnight, can you help?

It depends! So long as I'm not being contacted an hour before it's due, same-day essay requests can be provided depending on certain factors. Please keep in mind that an urgent paper essentially becomes my top priority. In order to accommodate shorter deadlines, rates have to be higher in order to maintain fairness among other students who provided considerably more notice. If I do not think I have an adequate amount of time to write your urgent essay I will have to respectfully decline writing it as I do not want to compromise quality.

4. Is there a grade guarantee?

I craft essays according to the instructions you've provided me with, so I make sure to follow everything carefully.

Given my length of time being in academia, while I am confident that your essay will get at least a 'B' grade (70%+) or higher, I certainly do not give out guarantees, as it is a dishonest way of trying to hook a customer. Professors each have their own views as to what constitutes as an 'A' paper. What one professor might consider excellent, another may consider marginal.

Please be cautious of anyone who consistently guarantees to get you a high grades like an 'A' (80%+). It's absolutely possible, but the likelihood of this occurring on a regular basis is slim to none, as these types of grades hold a hint of subjectivity in them. Remember, if it's too good to be true, then it probably is.

5. I'm nervous about ordering an essay.

As you should be! I know this doesn't help saying that, but there are a lot of bad apples out there and all it takes is for one poor experience with a writer to tarnish your hopes that any good ones even exist. I hope that by reading over this FAQ section a lot of your reservations subside. You should always work with a writer you feel comfortable with. The purpose of having an essay written for you is totally defeated if you are going to be stressed about it the whole time. It should be a relaxing experience for you and a good writer should be considerate of your qualms.

On a side note, I actually started providing writing services to students prior to even having a website set up, so I have come a long way! My website is an extension of who I am as a person: trustworthy, competent, reliable, and caring.

6. How many essays have you written and how much experience do you have?

I have dedicated a solid decade to essay writing. My undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Toronto helped me refine my writing capabilities and develop an astute sense of critical thinking. These are fundamental aspects of good essay writing, regardless of what topic an essay is on.

I don't have an exact count of how many essays I've written, as it appears that writing and math skills are polarized strengths, you either have one or the other!

7. Why are you expensive?

As a former student I realize that budgeting is a concern. Given my experience and ardent efforts in creating quality custom essays, I would say my rates are actually very competitive given the full essay experience that I provide.

Imagine these two following scenarios. In the first one, you buy a pair of random earphones from a general discount retailer for an affordable price. At the beginning everything sounds fine but you notice they deteriorate and break fairly quickly. You buy a different pair of cheap earphones this time, and two months later the audio only plays out of one ear bud. You now have to purchase your third pair of earphones in less than a year! At first the quality of your earphones didn't matter, but as they kept breaking the amount of money you kept wasting also grew, as did your frustration.

In the second scenario, imagine you do some research about earphones first and learn of a great pair that offers all the features you're looking for. You're stoked, but find out these earphones cost more. After comparing them to the three previous earphones you had, you realize they will actually be better in quality and last a much longer time, ultimately being of better value to you.

The higher end earphones are a metaphor for the quality and overall value that Sweet Essays provides.

Aside from that, I have also seen many other companies estimate 250 words per page. I on the other hand estimate 300 words per page, even more (depending on word length itself). While other essay writers might charge less, they are at the same time charging you for extra pages that you might not even need to hit your word count. For example, a 2500 word essay would be considered 8 pages in my books, whereas writers who estimate 250 words per page would quote you for 10 pages.

It is important to keep in mind how much an entirely completed paper means to you. Some competitors might look more affordable, but they may have hidden charges for things that I believe should be naturally included in your paper at no extra cost, like your bibliography. Some writers and companies create gimmicks, saying their bibliographies are "a free $50 value!, when really they are just trying to make you feel like you're getting more for less. This is like going to eat at McDonald's and being happy that the napkins are free. Don't be fooled!

There are writers who provide ridiculously low rock bottom rates that are obviously an incentive for volume, not for producing quality. My rates are competitive for the quality and experience I provide however, as I do not simply provide a paper in exchange for money. To me it is about providing an entire experience for the student where they can receive the best help possible that extends beyond the scope of essay writing. I have managed to get some students into professional programs and help them succeed beyond just writing good papers. At the end of the day though, I don't work with every student. Some students will prefer to go with receiving a 'bargain paper', but it simply does not add up that a writer would produce any substantial quality after being compensated $10/page. As a student you can attest to how much time (and pain!) goes into writing papers sometimes, so it would be good to reflect on whether you would accept $10/page if a friend asked you to write you one.

Remember, what you might end up saving in terms of cost could end up costing you dearly in other ways if you end up working with an incompetent or dishonest writer. This is why it is always best to think over whom you are choosing to write your paper and it should not be a decision that solely boils down to cost.

8. Will my essay be an original piece?

I lose too much sleep for my work to be plagiarized!

In other words: YES! All work is guaranteed to be 100% original. If there are any quotes or secondary sources consulted, they are ALWAYS cited in the bibliography or footnotes section. This is an absolute given and can be verified by using tools like turnitin and grammarly.


9. Will a one single-spaced page be quoted as 1 or 2 pages?

A single-spaced page translates into 2 double-spaced pages. Unless specifically requested by your professor, most essay formats are double-spaced and this is the style I traditionally follow unless otherwise requested.

Therefore, if you request a 4 page single-spaced essay, it would actually be quoted as being an 8 page double-spaced essay. However, if you would like your paper to remain single-spaced I am happy to format it to your specifications at no extra cost.

10. Is there a refund policy?

When you pay for a high quality custom essay to be written for you, a lot of time and dedication is spent on your assignment. As such, it is difficult to offer a refund on time that deserves to be adequately compensated.

Refunds will only be given on deposits in extraordinary circumstances, and are dealt with on an individual basis. To date I have never had an issue like this happen, I credit this largely to having payment divided in two installments as it greatly solidifies the entire transaction process.

Essays are non-refundable upon completion as lots of time and effort was spent creating your original paper, they are not mindlessly manufactured. Time and effort are elements that can't be returned once they've been spent.

11. Am I paying for a single-spaced or double-spaced paper?

Most conventional essay formats require essays to be double-spaced, so I follow the same rule and it is understood that if you need a "5 page essay", for example, it will be a 5 page double-spaced essay. If you require a "5 page single-spaced essay" it is quoted as a 10 page double-spaced essay as I don't charge the same amount for double and single-spaced papers. That would also be unfair, as some students would be getting more work for a lower cost.

12. Why do I have to submit an initial 50% deposit after hiring you?

It would be unfair to ask you to pay for an essay in full before it even exists, so I have decided it would be fair to meet half way. The deposit shows that you are serious about retaining me as your writer and that you won't change your mind later on after I have started working on your paper. It's a sign that a mutual agreement is in place and that we can move forward together.

13. Why do your rates differ based on how soon the paper is due?

I work on numerous essays at any given time, so when one paper is due sooner it's understandable that accommodating this request can't be priced the same as a week's due date would be. Every paper is put into a queue I come up with so I can properly dedicate enough time to each paper and manage my time accordingly.

I like to be fair and appreciate when students give me advance notice of their due dates, it is more mutually convenient that way too. This is reflected in the rates.

14. Does bibliography and formatting cost extra?

Never! The essay will be formatted in an MLA/APA/Chicago (or other) writing style of your choice, with proper citations and a nice works cited/references list at the end. There is no extra cost for this, ever!

15. What is the standard formatting of a page? (words, margins, spacing).

Just to be clear, the standard formatting of a page is double-spaced, around 300 words long, with one-inch (2.54cm) margins. This is the most common page layout used in writing essays, however I can accommodate alternative page layouts as well depending on your paper's instructions.

16. What if I want a revision?

In order to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your essay, I happily provide free revisions for qualifying essay orders. I always aim to complete essays properly the first time around, however the only way to guarantee that outcome is for you to provide as much information about your essay upfront as that will determine if your essay is eligible for a free revision later on.

Your essay needs to meet all 4 criteria in order to be eligible for a free revision: 1) the completed essay doesn’t follow a part of the original instructions that were provided at the time you placed your order; 2) your essay is still in its original condition and hasn’t been modified; 3) your essay hasn’t been graded or hasn’t received any feedback prior to you requesting a revision; 4) no more than 2 days has passed between receiving your essay and requesting a revision.

Don’t worry! All essays that aren’t eligible for a free revision can still have changes made to them, it just counts as a paid edit instead. The 2 day time limit to request revisions after you receive your essay ensures that your paper is still fresh on my mind so that I can make changes that will actually be effective. The main idea is that revisions are minimal yet necessary based on the original instructions you provided. 

Below are some examples of what qualifies as a paid edit instead of a free revision: 

-You forgot to provide a certain detail with your instructions when you originally placed your order and would like me to include it after your essay is completed.

-You were provided feedback outlining changes that need to be made to your essay that you’d now like me to make. 

-You’d like me to make some changes to your essay after you made your own changes to it already. 

-You’d like me to insert additional content that would exceed the original page count you placed at the time of your order. 


17. Can you insert some grammar/spelling mistakes on purpose so that my paper doesn't look too good?

It's a pretty funny question to me, but I'll give you a serious answer: NO!

I do not simulate poor quality work and think it is very unprofessional to intentionally include any errors in your paper (fun fact: I actually read over papers once I am finished them to catch any small mistakes!). Besides, I would be embarrassed if you showed your friends an essay I wrote for you that was ridden with mistakes.

18. Is payment secure?

Payment is very secure as I offer various payment methods that are well known and traceable in case you need them for your records.

My relationship with you is built on trust and I never want to lose that, so I take this into consideration in every aspect of my business.

19. Do you meet up with students in person?

If I can coordinate my schedule with yours, then it's possible. If you are in the Toronto/GTA area you might find it convenient to meet up in person and lend me your course material that way, or receive a hard copy of your essay (in addition to an electronic copy that would be emailed to you right after).

This depends on our schedules however, so it's not always an option even if we are in close proximity to one another. On the other hand, I am always excellent at email and phone correspondence!

20. What other kinds of services do you provide?

My main services include writing and editing. My editing services are very affordable and should you be interested in having an extra pair of eyes look over your paper and make some improvements, just contact me. Editing a paper is much different than writing one, and this is reflected in the rates as well.

Peripheral services such as preparing scripts, writing resumes, cover letters, or other highly customized work are another great way I can be of help to you. No job is too small or too big, so if you feel your project is unique I would love to hear more about it to see how I could best assist you.

21. How is payment made?

Payment options are flexible and not limited to the ones just listed here depending on your circumstance (i.e.: if you're an overseas student outside of North America). The majority of payments are made via email transfer, which is done securely through your online banking. You can learn more about email transfers here

PayPal is also an alternative option and largely used by overseas students.

If you're in the Toronto/GTA area, we can also do a cash transaction in person, however this is schedule-permitting and it would need to be done at least once for the initial (or final) deposit.

I am proud to let you know that Sweet Essays is trendy and accepts Bitcoins as payment!

22. How soon will my essay be done?

Just because your essay is due Tuesday at midnight, does not mean you will receive it Tuesday evening! I typically like to have essays done ahead of schedule to ensure you have a good chunk of time to read over your paper and feel good about it.

Just as a side note, email transfers don't go through automatically, they can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to go through. I therefore want to make sure we give ourselves as much time as possible.

23. Why don't you show samples of your work?

It is really tempting to send over papers I've written to prospective students in order to impress them and potentially gain a new customer. However, I stand behind not sharing samples of my work for a few reasons:

My students' privacy is paramount. When students hire me they understand that their privacy is respected and that all affairs are handled discretely. A lot of my students are repeat customers who have put their trust in me and expect me not to share their papers, or portions of it, with anyone else.

Technically sending a sample is considered receiving free work, and that's not fair. Some kids are really crafty and might ask for a sample in a certain topic only to go ahead and use the work I've sent them to submit it as their own work. Most papers get submitted on turnitin nowadays, so even if this did happen you wouldn't get very far unless you rewrote most of the paper. This will never happen though because I will not send out any portion of a paper I've written.

Lastly, anyone can send out samples of any work. If I was a dishonest essay writer I would find an impressive paper on the internet, save a copy of it and pass it off as my own. I don't do this but unfortunately there are other essay writers that do to trick students into hiring them. They might scour the corners of the internet to make sure they've found a paper that's hard to find online (so it doesn't show up in your search engine if you googled a portion of it). So, even if you do receive an impressive sample work from someone, don't blindly believe it was written by the person who sent it to you.

I believe showing a sample of my work isn't effective. Even if I sent you over an entire essay (or part of one), you could be impressed by what you read, but it's not a true reflection of what your paper will look like because subject matter and instructions always vary.

The bottom line: all papers are unique, therefore samples will never suffice as being a true indication of the paper you might expect to receive. Samples work when it comes to trying out things like food, but it certainly isn't the same case for essays!

24. If I can't get a sample of your work, how do I know you can write an essay?

When I first began writing essays for other students I realized there were many prospective students who were adamant about seeing my previous work (and rightly so). I had to find a way to show that I am a competent writer and that I know how to properly structure an essay, not to say that there is one set formula as there are so many different styles of essays.

In lieu of sending samples I have created video tutorials on various aspects of essay writing. These tutorials are intended to help advise you in writing essays, but they also are a great way to showcase my thinking and approach to writing essays. I think that's more convincing than sending out a random sample of my work, don't you?

My video tutorials help clarify and explain the many common features of essays. They are brief and I try to address essay issues that many students tend to have trouble with. If you would like me to do a tutorial on an essay topic I haven't covered yet, just let me know.

25. How can I know you are real and not running a scam?

I realize that writing custom essays for my students is a highly unregulated industry and that there are people out there who call themselves essay writers but are downright money-hungry predators. This angers me as much as the students who've been taken advantage of, as it means I have to put much more effort in distinguishing myself as being one of the good writers out there.

I take what I do seriously and am transparent about the entire way I run my service. My dedication and honesty can be shown in a few ways: