Rates & Payments

When you order an essay it is completely taken care of and you receive an entirely finished paper. The only exception is you might need to add in personal information like your student number (if required). All essays come with a title page, preferred style formatting (APA/MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, etc.), citations from appropriate secondary sources (if required), and without a doubt, your bibliography listing all the sources I consulted.

Rates are per page* and based on how soon an order is due.


1 to 2 pages: (half-page is charged as 1 page)

3+ pages

I offer editing services too!


*One page constitutes as being a standard MLA/APA formatted page. It has 1" inch margins (2.54cm), double-spaced and written in Times New Roman 12 pt font. Typically one page contains 300 words or more, depending on word length itself.

I accept the following online payment methods. Payment in person is definitely a possibility if my schedule allows for it. It's nice to put a face to an essay order, but to ensure safety, meet ups are done in public areas during normal hours of the day.

Please note: You will not receive your completed essay until after payment for your remaining balance has processed. No exceptions.

I will notify you once your essay is ready and how much is left to pay, however you will not receive a preview of your essay unless you request it.

Your essay will be sent to you by 11:59pm EDT on its due date (if your payment has processed by then). All invoices for any remaining balances will be sent by 11:15pm EDT so that you have ample time to complete your payment and receive your essay by the end of the day.

Need to receive your essay earlier than 11:59pm EDT? No problem! Just indicate the specific time you need your essay ready by when placing your order and I’ll be happy to accommodate you. Please make sure to do this as it’s unfair to both of us if I get blindsided with a crucial detail like this at the last minute. You agree to not hold me liable for any damages, costs, penalties or refunds of any kind if at the time of placing your order you did not specify what time you want to have your essay ready by.