Who I Am

I am an experienced essay writer with a strong mission to reinforce integrity and honesty in the dodgy world of custom essays. I want you to know that I am one of the few trustworthy essay writers out there; I work tirelessly to prove this so that you can feel comfortable working with me. I run Sweet Essays entirely on my own and am completely invested in ghostwriting full-time year round. As an independent essay writer this means there are no middlemen or third-party services involved. It's just you, me, and your paper!

I am naturally inquisitive and creative; qualities that inherently foster my hunt for knowledge, which explains why I have been writing academic essays for 10 years strong. I hold both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in English from the University of Toronto, which is considered to be one of the top 20 universities in the world

I am located out of Toronto, a Canadian city that is known to be the multi-cultural hub of the world. This gives me the unique opportunity to meet students of different backgrounds and gives me a comprehensive view of what all students essentially need when they are looking for essay help.

I write on mostly all topics; I only confirm essays that I know I will do well on so it is always best to send your instructions over to me first. Some subjects I have written on include: Women's Studies, Economics, Finance, English, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Ecology, Film Studies, Religion, Anthropology, Criminology, History, Nursing, Philosophy, Bioethics, Fine Art, International Relations, and that is just off the top of my head! Naturally each essay topic is more esoteric in nature, but I am familiar with writing in many different fields.

I am always on my computer (except when I have to sleep!) and have a strong habit of replying quickly to any inquiries. I am completely transparent, honest, and fair with ALL students. This means that even if I don't end up working with students I still make sure everything works out for them and always offer any advice I would take myself. I treat each and every student as a friend that I've taken under my wing.